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Fixed fee accountancy for £95 + VAT a month 

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How do I form a company?
Looking to form your company and appoint Dolan Accountancy as your accountants?
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Dolan have been brilliant for me so far as a first timer. Freeagent couldn't be easier to use and they - well Lauren actually - is lightning fast in responding to emails. Couldn't ask for more at the moment.

Rossco01, ContractorUK Forum

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How do I switch accountants?
Thinking of changing accountants to Dolan Accountancy?
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You will need to email your existing accountant to tell them you are changing accountants. You are welcome to use our termination template 

When you join Dolan Accountancy, we can have you up and running quickly plus you can sign-up online: become a client of Dolan Accountancy

We’ll talk to your old accountant to gather your historic data and set-up your FreeAgent account

Lastly, you'll be presented with a few steps to complete your company formation. If you'd rather we can do this for you, just give us a call on 01442 795 100

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Once you have chosen a company name, you will be promoted to appoint Dolan Accountancy and pay your first months fee. Your company formation will be free once you're a client

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Our clients say that choosing your company name is usually the trickiest part of forming your company. To see if your name is available please use our company name checker

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Forming a company and appointing Dolan Accountancy 

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Terminate the services of your existing accountant

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Forming a company and appointing

Dolan Accountancy

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If you’re thinking about becoming a contractor you are bound to have a list of questions as long as your arm. From “how much can I take home?” through to “should I be limited or umbrella?” this Complete Contractor’s Guide will help to answer those questions.

We’ve put together some useful information such as;

  • Understanding the pros and cons of contracting
  • Deciding which way to run your business
  • Understanding how tax works for contractors

You can download the guides for free.

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Calculate my take home pay

Our contractor calculator will give you an idea of how much you can expect to take home, either working through a Limited Company or under an Umbrella. If you are new to contracting or thinking about making the switch from permanent employment

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